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The Abbot Process

This is typically how the Abbot Debt Consolidation process works.

1. Fill Out A Free Consultation Form - a short, simple form is all it takes to initiate a dialogue with us.

2. Reviewing Your Submission - Once we have looked over your form, one of our counseling staff will contact you at your earliest convenience. The purpose of the call is to verify your information, better explain our services, and to tell you why - or why not - you should consider our program. This part of the process will also give you an estimate of what we can do for you, including approximate monthly payment and interest savings.

3. Signing Up - If you decide that our program is a good choice for you, we send you an agreement to sign, and the real process begins. From there, we begin to contact your creditors to verify balances and start the negotiations.

4. Paying Down Your Debt - Once a settlement has been negotiated, your monthly payment will be solidified. The agreed monthly payment must be paid, but it is generally 50-60% lower than your payments before signing on to our program.

5. Debt Freedom - Our program will grant you debt freedom often within a period of 48 months or less.

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